Welcome to PR1ME WOMEN

PR1MEBODY offers supportive app delivered fitness coaching and nutritional guidance for women that want real and sustainable changes towards optimal health.

Have you followed your own or magazine published workouts in the past but to no avail?
Feel intimidated by the weight room? or just confused by all the misinformation in the media on how to reach your fitness and physique goals?
PR1MEBODY is here to help. 


Women`s PR1MEBODY programs on offer:



Foundation offers users an entry into the world of fitness or new structure for those that more experienced but feel that both their training and diet needs more direction.

How many workouts all together?

Over the course of 12 weeks, there will be 4 microcycles, with each containing 3-4 workouts. These are rotated over 3 weeks. In addition, each microcycle contains bonus workouts for those that who either want to have more exercise in the week or looking to target specific areas.




Shape up is great for beginners who want to learn ropes lifting weights, improving technique and who need some strategy in their gym regime. Its perfect as a follow on from the 12 week Foundation plan. If you would class yourself as intermediate, it is great for a fresh start or to kick-start a new goal or direction. Your nutritional goals are complemented by 'The Calorie Fix' which comes with the program - an easy to use guide to keep your diet on track during your training. 


All programs come with the PR1MEBODY APP

The PR1MEBODY App is designed to make your journey to success a little bit smoother! The programs are easy to follow, with clear guidance on what to perform, when, in what order and how much rest time. You can easily track your results and your last sessions weights and reps come up, so you can track clear progression. The personal bests are fantastic for motivation and the chat function makes it easy to ask Tim any questions. 




Sophie's motivation was an important photo-shoot. With a 12 week deadline she reached her goal weight with 3 weeks to spare! She has since caught the 'lifting-bug' and continues to prioritise lifting weights instead of the monotonous cardio she used to do after experiencing the benefits of feeling stronger and adding a bit of muscle.