PR1MEBODY is a training app for those wanting real results and sustainable changes to their physique. 

Every session is expertly designed by Tim with emphasis on corrective mobility and postural work to accompany the detailed and progressive training plan.

Each 12 week programme utilises the apps high functionality when it comes to tracking and accountability. While coaching a unrestrictive yet common sense approach to nutrition, the PR1MEBODY app also syncs to MyFitnessPal to improve nutritional compliance.

Additional to the actual training videos is an informative series of coaching videos covering multiple aspects of your journey. This combined with the built in messenger has Tim there with you along the way.

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What’s Inside the PRIMEBODY APP?

Check out the walk-through of a typical users profile on the PR1MEBODY APP.
Unrivalled functionality and a high amount of accountability helps lower the barriers to success.
Also find out why you can’t download the App directly from the App store.

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The benefit of having all your workouts and performance tracked is that it not only keeps you accountable and consistent, but that it respects the governing principle of all resistance training; PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD.

The most obvious way a programme can be loaded progressively is small increments of weight over the course of a plan. There are many other ways –manipulating reps, sets, rest, exercise complexity etc– and that is what i am in charge of in building each plan.

However the user driven small increase in weights lifted –and from whatever starting weight used– means that every programme can and will be challenging for anyone at almost any level because it is based upon their entry level selection of weights to be lifted for each exercise.

Having said this, in embarking on the PR1MEBODY journey there are certain plans i recommend above others for beginners and many intermediates due to the specific baselines of strength, mobility and conditioning that are plans are designed to achieve. 12 weeks to a new YOU.

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For the more experienced or graduates of the Foundation / Muscle Onramp plans.
Challenging but varied protocols keep these plans interestingly different and enjoyable whilst still respecting progression as a fundamental principle.
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Minimal Equipment Home/ Hotel training
A more intense and premium Online Coaching experience
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