PR1MEBODY OR1GINS: Tim Blakey’s Journey


Primebody is the culmination of Tim’s own journey as well as his experience problem solving and deconstructing the barriers which stood in front of him and his clients’ progress.

Tim Blakey began his journey with a sports obsession in his childhood and teens. But upon finding himself in the physio clinic more often than on the rugby field, he was led  to pursue a career in physiotherapy. Being held back from having the ability to move his body in the way he wanted it to, felt unnatural, and even like a betrayal of his own body, it’s a common feeling to many.

This provided the necessary drive to his passion. A fascination with every aspect of the human body, movement and its optimisation developed.

As his career and interests evolved, and he developed skills in resistance/ strength training, Tim discovered that his overweight, out of shape clients voiced similar feelings of body-betrayal. Movement - in specific forms - helps to correct imbalances of both body composition (fat loss) and injury (via improved performance), and they are both compromised without correct nutrition. Nutrition became the third pillar to Tim’s strategies and passion. The fourth and final was mindset.

Using exercise to correct posture and quality of movement, as well as shed fat and add muscle/tone became the cornerstone of Tim’s training methods. His work ethic, systems and reputation as a health practitioner grew, and over time Tim generated a significant client base that consisted of world business leaders, Forbes listed billionaires, celebrities and even a President and Prime-minister.

While being flown around the world to work with these influential clients, Tim needed a way to keep these successful professionals on track with their diets without introducing more admin into their busy lives. The nutritional and training strategies that he developed culminated into what is now PR1MEBODY, and the next steps were for Tim to began using it for all his clients and later testing it on his PR1MEBODY clients. It was to show that the programme can be harnessed by anyone with a goal of improved body composition, a desire for better movement, general health, and most of all determination.

The recent addition of the integrated PR1MEBODY training app took the strategy a step further allowing the active component to be better executed. It also serves as a key motivator, keeps users accountable, and when coupled with the members forum it helps to support mindset– a hugely underrated and important factor for optimal health.

Men's and women's programs are offer with strategic training and nutritional guidance. All of the training sessions delivered through the app come with Tim's physiotherapy influenced mobility and activation warm ups which help to improve posture, movement and body confidence.

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