Features Overview

Supplements are, just that: Supplemental. The REAL food you eat according to PR1MEBODY will have the most profound effect on how you look, feel and perform.  As in the plan, we've grouped the supplements in order of importance and impact for you to consider on your PR1MEBODY journey.  The quality supplements is as important as the quality of food you eat. Cheaper supplements from brands without a reputation for quality and health may not only be less effective, but also potentially damaging to your health. 


You are welcome to source the equivalent products from any shop/ site you wish, however these are the brands  PR1MEBODY trust



My favourite is the Chocolate-Salted-Caramel Superblend powder. However all the flavours taste great.

Add oats & or banana to your shake if your goal is to increase your calories and body weight and build muscle. If you find any flavours too sweet, add more water.


Perfect for post workout shakes and when else indicated in the plan.
Protein, from the Greek 'Proteos' meaning 'of most importance'. From head to toe proteins are the building blocks that make us. You're body is in a constant state of renovation so replacing protein and providing new building blocks for your new body is essential. Protein is portioned at every meal in PR1MEBODY but additional protein after exercise or as a snack is extremely beneficial. Its also very satiating which keeps the hunger hormones at bay.

Form is a brand I’ve respected since its beginning. As well as using premium ingredients, nothing artificial and tasting great (rare for a plant based protein powder!) the company holds ethics in the highest regard. Dairy can be inflammatory and/or cause gut issues which is why i prefer and recommend a dairy free protein powder. 

Take them whenever you can remember to be consistent. Don’t worry too much about them affecting intermittent fasting.


One of the best all round health booster supplements you can buy. Quality is extremely important. Potent natural anti-inflammatory boost to optimise nutritional health.  Heart, brain, nerve, gut, hair and skin health all benefit from Omega 3 intake.

Learn more about fish oils and fats in general here.



Great for optimising recovery and hormonal health.
Also includes calming amino-acids

Take them just before bedtime. You may have crazy vivid dreams initially. Thats the 5HTP:


A useful addition to optimise your recovery/sleep, your hormones and your training.
Magnesium, Zinc and 5HTP: 3 of the best nutrients for optimising recovery and hormonal health. Also includes calming amino-acids.
5HTP is a produced from the amino acid tryptophan and helps the synthesis of serotonin, our feel good hormone. Adequate recovery and healthy serotonin levels help optimise the important performance hormones such as testosterone (Important for ladies too!).