All facets of STRENGTH. Standard Strength based sessions early each week and muscle building volume & sweat sessions later each week.

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The HERCULES PLAN is aimed at intermediate trainees and perfect as a follow on from the Apollo or Ares plans. If you have a decent amount of training years under your belt it could work as a stand alone/ first plan for you.

Hercules was a Demi-god associated with strength, so as you might expect this plan centres around strength. All types of strength. Earlier sessions in the week are made up of more standard strength and power exercises. Many are unilateral in nature addressing balance, stability and mobility along with strength.
Later in the week more metabolic, hypertrophic sessions are programmed and contain a larger amount of volume. There is some Strength-Endurance work and optional HIIT session for the savage among you.

All sessions can be done within an hour (including the standard PR1MEBODY MAP warm ups).

Summary - What's included?

  • 12 weeks of progressive coaching delivered via the PR1MEBODY app

  • 16 different workouts in total across 4x 3 week micro cycles.

  • Specific progressive changes every 3 weeks keep you getting stronger in the basics while keeping the programme novel and interesting

  • Workout videos and instructions for every exercise

  • Physiotherapy influenced warm ups for posture and mobility

  • Nutritional guidance provided via 'The Nutrition Fix' - a comprehensive guide of how to optimise your diet to fit your goals.

  • Tracking of weights/exercises/timings via the PR1MEBODY app

  • Training diary and calendar within the app

  • In app chat for support during your time on the program

  • Option to connect other fitness apps and devices to the PR1MEBODY app

  • Private Facebook community