Welcome to PR1MEGREEN

PR1MEGREEN was created with the goal of preserving the fundamentals of healthy eating outlined in the original PR1MEBODY Balance and Fast Track plans, while enabling those who wish, to maintain any dietary restrictions that they have – for whatever reason – when it comes to consuming animal derived products.

This is combined with PR1MEBODY's online coaching program which focuses on the four pillars of Tim's 360 degree approach to health and fitness - Performance, Diet Mobility and Mindset. 


12 week online coaching plan

You may have followed your own training plans in the past, or perhaps tried programs lifted from magazines or now just feel a bit lost on how to reach your fitness potential and not sure of a direction to take on your health journey. PR1ME WOMEN is here to help! 

PR1MEGREEN online coaching includes: 

  • 4 x 3 week cycles of training loaded onto the PR1MEBODY APP with instructions and videos on every exercise, with easy to follow programs and suggested weekly schedule.

  • A fool proof 32 page nutritional guide with a clear direction on what you can eat and what you should avoid, and why.

  • A home exercise program if you do not have a gym membership and how to incorporate group classes within the schedule.