Features Overview

PR1MEBODY lowers the barriers to success by removing hurdles such as calorie-counting, and food weighing (often mistakenly believed to be compulsory for fat loss). This is what makes PR1MEBODY the perfect solution for people that lead busy lives and live in the real world.

We provide an intuitive nutrition and training plan that is 12 weeks long and made up of 2 separate 6 week phases. Each uniquely different and progressive. The plans utilise our Meal- Matrix of ingredients to create healthy and delicious meals, keeping the options flexible enough that you can create meals that please your tastebuds, as you journey towards optimal health and a lean physique. 
The guidelines are straight-forward  as to what you can and can not eat and we take the guessing out of quantity and timing in a way that is unique to you.  

The training plan is delivered via the fully integrated PR1MEBODY App which acts as your very own training partner, complete with exercise videos and specific instructions to coach you through each session. Log all your workouts, progress, weight and pictures to watch your PR1ME journey unfold.
The training sessions are predominantly resistance/ weight-based exercises with options of home based or gym based sessions 3-4 times a week initially.

Each session begins with the most effective form of a warm up called 'MAP's. Designed by PR1MEBODY creator and Performance-Physiotherapist Tim Blakey, MAP's improve overall posture for day to day living as well as performance in the session that follows.

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