He used a method consisting of a tremendous amount of volume in his workouts to pack on lean muscle mass and shred fat. By training with a relatively light weight, he was able to use a (accumulatively) high rep count and very little rest time between sets. For most exercises he was only using a weight of around 60-65% of his 1RM*. This also creates a tonne of muscle tension and fatigue resulting in an awesome muscle-pump on the areas trained.

*A 1RM or One Repetition Maximum is a weight that can be lifted for 1 repetition and no more for any given exercise. For example, if you can bench press 100kg for only one rep, your 60% 1RM would be 60kg.

Over a series of giant sets and using an interesting work/rest ratio Momoa was performing 110 reps per exercise! The template for his training caught my eye, and I’ll explain why;

In a bid to minimise the loss of lean mass brought on by long monotonous medium intensity aerobic training (I hate distance running), I have been using this program in preparation for a Tough-Mudder race I have in June. Tough Mudder is only a half-marathon distance and the high work/rest ratio and short rest intervals of this program will help to raise my lactate threshold; lactic acid is a by-product of your muscles working at a high intensity without (time for) the use of oxygen. It is what creates that ‘burn’ feeling in your muscles when you train very hard and fast. This type of resistance training is not only effective at building muscle (through metabolic fatigue/ stress to muscle fibres), it can benefit aerobic fitness too.  It’s a win/win. My muscles will be better prepared for the endurance event, but I should be able to maintain any muscular speed and power that I have.

You see, when more and more individual muscle cells become fatigued via lactic acid build up, the body is forced to recruit higher, more powerful muscle cells (known as Fast-twitch fibres) which would otherwise not need to be switched on; as would be the case of training using only distance running. Additionally because the repetitions are performed as fast and explosively as possible (NB: speed + strength = power), the body is already being forced into recruiting the more powerful fast twitch muscle fibres within the muscle.


Girls, just because Jason used this training style to become Conan does not mean this program (or any program for that matter) will cause you to wake up looking like the she-hulk in 2 weeks’ time, it doesn’t work like that. Women have a fraction (around 1/8th the testosterone of the average man), so building muscle is a lot harder. Don’t be afraid of a muscle ‘pump’ after a weights session (particularly this one). The post-workout pump disappears very quickly –much to every guys dismay.’
In short, if you want to lose some fat and ‘tone’ up then read on.


The exercises will consist of mainly big compound exercises. These are exercises that involve multiple joints of your body and therefore more muscle mass. Remember: More muscle mass recruited= More metabolic demand= More calories burned. Additionally, more muscle mass recruited= More muscle-cell damage (micro tears) and potential for subsequent muscle rebuilding.

The extremely high volume of sets, lactate build up and endurance requirement is quite a adaptive challenge for your muscles if you haven’t tried a workout like this before so be warned! Do not be alarmed if you have to start with less than 60% or even 50% of your 1RM at first to complete all the reps. I have given advice on how to progress the program as you improve.  


The programs are based around a Lowerbody and Upperbody split and you should aim to perform each session twice a week for 4 to 6 weeks. Your week may look like this:


Of course you could perform the second upper-body session of the week on the Friday to leave both Saturday and Sunday as rest days if you are the type who is allergic to the gym on weekends. On your rest days you can perform some low intensity form of exercise, a walk or bike ride, but you WILL need your rest days especially after the first few sessions.


Each workout will consist of 4 exercises (A,B,C and D) with each exercise performed for a total 110 reps before moving onto the next. 440 total reps per session. (That’s a lot for a workout fyi)

  • Exercise A – 110reps

  • Exercise B – 110reps

  • Exercise C – 110reps

  • Exercise D – 110reps

The 4th exercises (and 3rd if you wish) can be isolation exercises (involve only one single muscle group), therefore they are not as taxing metabolically as the others so harden up, you should pull through!


Each exercise will be performed in 3 phases each consisting of 7, 6 and 5 sets respectively.

  • PHASE ONE will consist of 7 sets x 7 repetitions, (49 reps total) Rest 14 seconds between mini-sets

  • PHASE TWO will consist of 6 sets x 6 repetitions, (36 reps total) Rest 12 seconds between mini-sets

  • PHASE THREE will consist of 5 sets x 5 repetitions. (25 reps total) Rest 10 seconds (or only 5secs on the 5 rep minisets if you’re feeling brave.

  • TOTAL REPS = 110

Rest only 60-90 seconds between the phases.

So after a good warm up, your program should look like this for each exercise:



Tempo is not such a concern with this program. The accumulated amount of tension placed on the muscle in each phase is certainly going to be enough to trigger hypertrophy in the muscle. Just make sure the concentric phase of the exercise (where you are pushing/ pulling the weight against gravity) is as fast as possible and the eccentric phase (where you are lowering the weight with gravity) is swift, but controlled at all times. All the repetitions must be through the full range of movement. No half reps.


For the exercises below, work out or estimate what your 1 RM would be for that exercise. Where there is more than 1 option for an exercise, pick the one that you think will better correspond to your 60-65% 1RM the best. But stick to that one exercise for future sessions to see progression. For example, if full body-weight pull ups are to difficult (and they most likely will be!), use an assisted chin/pull up machine (if your gym has one) or use a lat pull down machine. If by the second or third set of the first phase you are not completing all the reps, you may have over-estimated your 1RM or you may just need to start with around a lower 50% 1RM for the first few sessions. This is fine, guys leave your ego’s at the leg press.

You’ll find most of these types of exercises in my online coaching programs. Check out Muscle OnRamp and The Apollo Plan



Because of the high proportion of fast twitch fibres of the hamstrings (powerful fibres that fatigue easily) I would advise you to start at no more than 50% 1RM for the lying leg curl as they will fatigue very quickly. You will end up walking like a cowboy/girl for the following week so be warned. Feel free to substitute these for weighted calf raises if you prefer.



Try not to take more than 2 minutes between moving and setting up for the next exercise. I know in busy gyms this can be difficult, but don’t use that as an excuse to muck about. I would also normally advise allowing someone to work in with you or share a machine if necessary however in this instance the short strict 14,12 or 10 second rest periods are crucial to this program so you’ll have to politely explain that to anyone wanting to share your barbell or machine, that they can’t.

Stick with this program for the next 6-8 weeks to see continuous lean gains and fat melt away.


As your body adapts and the program gets easier, there are a few ways to progress the workouts. Firstly, if you are certain you were under the 60-65% 1RM weight at the start, gradually add more weight each program until you are at the 65% level, then only focus on the rest times to progress the workout: Firstly periodically reduce your inter-set rest times from 14, 12 and 10 respectively to 7,6,5 seconds depending on the phase. OUCH!

But wait it gets harder. 

Once you’ve done that, turn those short rest times into ‘active rest’. This means that during the inter-set rest times you do not re-rack the weight. You continue to hold onto it maintaining some constant tension in the muscles as you do. DOUBLE OUCH. However only ever actively rest in an anatomically advantageous position. For example, with back squats this would be standing upright but with the bar still on your shoulders NOT resting with it on your shoulders with your ass 2 inches off the floor! For the bench press this means holding the barbell above your chest with your arms in a lockout position, NOT resting the barbell on your chest. Active rest is not possible with barbell hip thrusts as you will be sitting on the ground (lucky you) and it will be virtually impossible with pull ups. Start this ‘active rest’ only with the 5’s and then work your way into the backend 6’s. Finally if you’re a complete savage you can incorporate the active rest into all 5,6 and 7rep phases.

I told you that you wouldn’t need to increase the load didn’t I?

Now go forth and enjoy. You could be cast to play Khal Drogo re-incarnated in the next season of Game of Thrones. You know he’s not dead right…?

Only kidding.

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