Firstly, the goal of a summer-six pack is deceiving. It should be the 'summer-and-foreseeable-future six pack'. Don't start a diet or an active lifestyle that has an expiry date. Sustainability in both Diet and Training are key.

[Yes I sell an online "12 week diet and training plan" But the '12 weeks' doesn't imply an end date. I'll explain why after the good stuff below!] 
Now, to the fundamentals of getting your summer six pack!     

Diet is of the upmost importance

BUTTERNUT NOODLE EGG NESTS from the Facebook PR1MEBODY community members page

BUTTERNUT NOODLE EGG NESTS from the Facebook PR1MEBODY community members page

🍴You can’t out train a bad diet. Cliché and frequently touted but still very true. If your diet consists of nourishing your body for 4.5 days of the week but going off the rails for the remaining 2.5 days, you will make very little progress.

A calorie deficit of your daily requirements is required to achieve fat-loss.

Note this does not mean you HAVE to track calories. Other methods exist such as portion control and intermittent fasting. More on these in this article.

These methods eliminate a lot of the hassle that comes with counting calories / weighing foods and is favoured among busy individuals.
–Prioritise nutrient dense foods. 
–Time your meals or macronutrients in a way to optimise your hunger hormones to keep appetite regular

I utilise these methods in the PR1MEBODY '12 week diet and training plan' discussed at the end of this blog.

Diet Under Control? Now use these in your training to bring out your six pack:

The most important ab work will come with strengthening the core -your foundations upon which the visible 6 pack will sit. This strength is best achieved performing compound exercises like squats (Front squats in particular), deadlifts, pull ups, press ups and unilateral compound lifts like rows, split squats and pistol squats.

{Tap the various exercises below to be directed to Instagram. Many are videos}

Front Squats & Romanian Deadlifts

Pistol Squats

Programming it:

Perform the compound exercises early in your program along with any other body parts you have planned. Then target the abs more directly with isolated* exercises.

*Being that a compound exercise is defined as one that involves more than 1 joint, and an isolation exercise is one that targets a muscle crossing only one joint,  you could argue the abs have no such isolation exercises as they cross multiple vertebral joints of the spine and the pelvis: but i digress...

Ensure the more isolated direct abdominal work is a mixture of:

1) Isometric resisted movement like pallof presses, whereby the abs resist movement rather than generate movement.


2) Lower limb generated movement like wipers, vertical leg lifts etc


3) Upper-body generated movement like oblique sit-ups and Exercise ball crunches 

4) And even exercises that are a combination of 2 & 3

Note that 1, 2 & 3 can all utilise a combination of both rotational as well as bending/extending forces or movements.

Don't start a diet with an end date continued...

Despite the title of my '12 week diet and training plan' it's designed to help those with a goal achieve optional health and habits that are sustainable far beyond the initial 12 week 'kick-start'.

For gym-newbies the training functions as an 'Onramp' as such. A program whereby they reach goals within a time frame, but also learn new skills and technique and develop a passion for training towards new goals from then on.

As for Intermediate gym goers on the PR1MEBODY App, my goal is to give them a little more direction, iron out any technique faults and teach them the benefit of training with correct programming so they are encouraged in the long term.

When it comes to my '12 week'diet, the goal has the same emphasis on longevity as the training. It doesn’t just end at 12 weeks leaving you wondering where you go next:

PR1ME-Living is the plan I created as a free guide for those that finish the  'Balance' and 'Fast Track' diets within the original 12 week plan. The PR1ME-LIVING guide builds on the framework and knowledge gained within the initial 12 weeks while outlining ways to loosen the reigns a little and adopt a more flexible approach to eating in a way that is sustainable and doesn't risk negating all that was achieved through the PR1MEBODY journey.


You may frequently read and hear sales pitches for quick fixes but these are usually too good to be true for 99% of the population. Long term strategies and mindset win the race. Trust the process!