Eve was, as many brides-to-be are, frantically busy in the lead up to her wedding. She worried that she had left it a bit too late to get in the shape she had hoped for her wedding. With wedding costs mounting up, hiring a trainer multiple times a week to reach her goal was not an option. She was also extremely skeptical about the promises of online diet/training plans –and rightly so. 

I explained to her that PR1MEBODY was not like other online diet and training programs that promise 'easy results' whilst simultaneously adding a ton of life-admin such as calorie counting, weighing and measuring food.  I emphasised that Pr1mebody meals and recipes were not fancy, but they were super quick, tasty, filling and most importantly healthy.

Eve was a self proclaimed 'absolute novice' when it came to the gym or lifting any weights but after exploring the benefits of  the training app to coach her the whole way through each and every session, her experience and abilities grew rapidly.   

Here is our last pre-wedding conversation on the PR1MEBODY Training App Messenger:


Tim Blakey  4 Oct 2016:I know youre too busy for the workouts at present it seems, but how is the diet going? Got a hold of the fasting yet? alternatively sticking to the phase 1 diet?

Eve 4 Oct 2016:Yep no time for working out annoyingly but am sticking to the diet. Will do a weigh in tomorrow. Not fasting but only having protein for breakfast.

Eve 5 Oct 2016:Weight has dropped loads!

Eve 5 Oct 2016:Dress is slightly too big now 😬

Tim Blakey 5 Oct 2016:Sorry! Can the dress be taken in? if so great!! if not . real sorry but I'm super proud of you #pr1melegend 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Eve Oct 5 2016:Haha it's too late now but can just tape myself in, it'll be fine

Eve Oct 5 2016:In UK weight terms I've lost a stone!

Tim Blakey 5 Oct 2016:well done. Im very proud of you!


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