Helen made exceptional amounts of fat-loss on her PR1MEBODY journey.  The approach of her wedding day was the perfect fuel to her fire.  In total she lost close to 10kg by the big day.  Frantically she needed to send her dress off to be taken in a second time the day before the wedding. Not ideal, but what's a wedding without a little last minute stress, right?...

Helen struggled with her situation at work: desk bound and flat out most of the day. Having a clear training plan allowed her to get in and get out in under an hour. However the excessive sitting at work over the years had caused Helen some lower back issues which would occasionally flare up. This is due to the lower abs and glutes becoming lazy when they aren't activated enough. 

She was instructed to focus and prioritise the MAP (mobilisation activation protocol) at the start of the sessions which help to fix and re-activate the muscles relating to these common issues. She got lean, but she also improved her posture,  body awareness and protection against future back injuries. 

Find your motivation, PR1MEBODY will do the rest!