David Webb was the very first of the PR1ME Legends, trialling the platform that would later become PR1MEBODY. Read about his journey here. Foreword is his;

I started on the Pr1mebody programme what seems like a lifetime ago now and it's because of this programme I can manage my training and my eating for when 'Life' happens. I understand my weaknesses and I work on them, I recognise that there will be setbacks but through the continued support of Tim and the PR1MEBODY app messenger,  the setback whether it be mental or physical, doesn't end up being much of a setback at all.  It's turns into a point at which to push on and forward.  Even when I'm flying around the world for concerts or sat on trains for hours at a time, Pr1me has given me the tools to strive to improve myself everyday."

David Webb


David Webb becomes Jason Bourne:

Its been a while since I did an update on our friend David Webb aka Jason Bourne -the real name of Matt Damon's character in the Bourne movies was David Webb (in case any of you have been living on Mars for the last decade and didn't get the reference).

Well its fair to say David has well and truly broken the mould when it comes to the perception of an Opera singer!

 Anyone in the Health and Fitness Industry will tell you that the majority of people - friends included will fall off the wagon frequently and any transformation goals will fall well short, normally within weeks.

So why did I choose David Webb to be my 'Patient Zero' and guinea pig my online diet and nutrition product?

I'll tell you why ;
Traits that you learn to see a mile off in this industry.

David's yo-yoed with his body fat and weight for most of his life. A problem many people can relate to. The highest body fat that he's been measured at was over 23%, however unmeasured he will tell you he was much bigger in his teens.
He started this transformation at 20.5% body fat, weighing 96kg.

The transformation image below shows David 5 months apart. David got down to 15% body fat and and weighed 92kgs.

Using the tools of  the plan for another 5 months, he measured in at under 12% body fat and weighed 88kg's. (3rd image)

When David and I chatted about his goals before his transformation I could tell he'd had enough of the yo-yoing of previous years and had the determination and commitment to make sustainable and permanent change even despite the hectic year he knew he had ahead. 

Could he have made this transformation in less time? Perhaps
Could he have made this transformation and in less time while maintaining his hectic and irregular schedule juggling rehearsals, performances, operas -and however many part time jobs this guy seems to have- and not sacrificed dedication to his work, relationships and the all important down-time? Unlikely.

The plan needed to minimise failure and maximise adherence. It needed to be something that he could easily re-visit and dive back into when hectic periods died down. It needed to teach him the fundamentals of healthy -and quicky- nutrition as well as methods of the most efficient training that he could learn and use for the rest of his life.

Taking his time due to the hectic schedule had a silver lining: Shorter durations of commitment tend to lack the required time for a person to adopt, practice and iron into a firm lifestyle habits.

We as humans we will find any excuse we can to justify giving up on a goal even if it does mean something to us. We are creatures of habit and deep down neither our minds or our bodies want to change. Change is uncomfortable. Change is time consuming. Change takes effort.

The status quo is familiar. Comfortable. Warm and Fuzzy. 'There's always next year anyway.'

Don't let your mind fall back on 'well, work and holidays just became too hectic this year to maintain my commitment to get fitter/leaner/healthier. I'll start it up again before next summer'. Find a rhythm that is sustainable. Of course there will be times in a year when exercise will have to take a backseat, maybe even for weeks at a time if necessary. There will also be days when eating the healthiest way is just not possible.  Hiccups happen. LIFE happens.  Break the habit of "throwing the baby out with the bath water", and manage your frustrations. Don't give up on your journey to better health just because of a few speed bumps.

Modify. Adapt. Evolve.

Do what you can,

And keep moving forward.  

Don't get caught up on with the mentality that the success of your journey means healthy choices 100% of the time. There will be deviations - holidays, birthdays, celebrations -every now and then. Just because you're not 'perfect' every day, it doesn't mean you've failed. Determination and consistency for the long term goal is all that matters.

David had many consecutive weeks, sometimes even full months where rehearsals for shows took up entire days. This is a long time to be away from the gym and far from the "Optimal training plan" we were aiming for. He did not let this break him. He knew being too busy for the gym was not an excuse to stop eating clean, nutritionally dense food.

To keep his new lifestyle and diet on track David became excellent at planning his meals ahead of time to minimise any slip ups on the go. This didn't mean pre-making EVERY meal since the start - it meant allowing for contingency plans; reading labels when out and about, ordering off-menu if necessary and using the lessons from the guide. Sounds easy right? Well after a few months, it is!
Habits just take TIME.

Originally written for www.timblakey.co.uk

 *Update: In trialling my Online nutrition and training David became on of the first 'PR1MELegends' in the development of what has now become the online PR1MEBODY plan.