Included in every PR1MEBODY Program

The Nutrition Fix - A comprehensive 40 page guide which accompanies any PRIMEBODY plan purchased online. This is your fail safe nutritional guide to work in conjunction with the app based training. Cleverly tracking your progression across the 12 weeks, it starts from ground zero and helps you to slowly change your habits and build up a sustainable way to approach your eating to get results.

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Calorie Tracking Made Simple

If you haven’t tracked calories before, it can be a minefield to know where to start. The Nutrition Fix takes you through step-by-step how to approach calorie tracking (with a target set by PR1MEBODY) and reach your goal of either fat loss or muscle gain. Marco goals are included, and if you are complete novice, clear advice is given on how to track with ease. PR1MEBODY exists to lower the barriers to success by reducing uncessary admin - don’t forget!


Optimal Meal Builder

Once you are set up with calorie tracking (or if you’ve decided not to calorie track) a comprehensive meal builder with optiomal ingredients guides you on how to meet your calorie/macro goals without the need to track every last intake of food.


Routine and additional tips

Routine is everything when it comes to success with your fitness and nutritional journey. The Nutrition fix is your go to on keeping you on track. It’s been built with years of experience and the PR1MEBODY crew constantly adapting and evolving the information to make sure it works! Tim has followed this guidance for years and it’s his aim to give as many clients the tools to make sure they can keep their dietary habits on track. Abs are made in the kitchen after all.


Making progress

Advanced strategies. Small and steady changes. Although you can talk to Tim through the app



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Full breakdown of the Nutrition Fix