Welcome to PR1ME MEN

PR1MEBODY'S online coaching program for men are designed to guide you to optimal health. Getting you into the best shape of your life and feeling incredible are just fortunate side effects!

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12 week online coaching plan

You may have followed your own training plans in the past, or perhaps tried programs lifted from magazines or now just feel a bit lost on how to reach your fitness potential and not sure of a direction to take on your health journey. PR1ME MEN is here to help. 

PR1ME MEN online coaching includes: 

  • 4 x 3 week cycles of gym based training loaded onto the PR1MEBODY APP with instructions and videos on every exercise, with easy to follow programs and suggested weekly schedule.

  • Two phases of fool proof nutritional guidelines - Balance and Fast Track. Each coming with a comprehensive 32 page guide.

  • Instructions on how to incorporate group classes, sports or other areas of fitness alongside the PR1MEBODY training




David, one off the first since PR1MEBODY's creation. He still uses the strategies daily that he learned since completing the plan.
Check out his 'Patient Zero' blog here

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Additional training blocks:

Once you have completed the original 12 week plan you may continue your journey with PR1MEBODY towards optimal health and a better physique. 

Additional training can be purchased in 6 week blocks. You use the smart nutrition strategies you learned in your first 12 weeks while your training continues to progress. 

A Gym membership is required.